When your business first joins the Sea to Sky Pest Elimination family, I will personally eliminate any existing cockroach and or rodent population.  With over a decade of experience eliminating pests in the lower mainland, you will feel confident in knowing all your pest elimination needs will be dealt with quickly, discreetly and professionally.  I will work day and/or night to completely eliminate all rodent and cockroach activity, guaranteed! No additional fees for extra services for rodents and cockroaches.  I keep coming until they’re gone!

The basic program includes:

  • Complete elimination of any current rodent or cockroach issue  
  • Fastest response time possible!                                             
  • Interior pest monitoring program with treatment performed as soon as pest evidence found
  • Exterior rodent baiting program to prevent future problems
  • Log book will improve communication; keep service reports records and other documents.
  • No charge additional services for covered pests.
  • Pest identification and 25% off non-covered pest treatments.
  • The owner of the company will be your main contact and service technician at every service ensuring the highest possible level of service.

FAST RESPONSE TIME - I care about your business and understand how important it is to have any and all problems dealt with as soon as possible. That’s why I guarantee service within 24hrs (including same day service, if required).

​MONTHLY MONITORING - I will set up an interior insect and rodent monitoring program to be monitored monthly (or more frequently, depending on activity). If any pest activity is found, treatment will be performed at time of service. If more serious measures are required additional services will be performed at your earliest convenience. During regular monthly service I will provide treatment for any insect pest except for flies (unless covered by fly program), carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, or bedbugs. Charges would apply if additional call outs were required for uncovered pests (anything other than rodents or cockroaches).

EXTERIOR WORK INCLUDED - An exterior rodent baiting program will also be installed.  Strategically placed rodent bait stations will be inspected and refilled on a monthly basis.  This will help to ensure no new infestations arise and rodents are not infesting exterior areas of the property.

ACCOUNTABILITY THOUGH COMMUNICATION - A log book will be kept on site to improve communication between your company and Sea to Sky Pest Elimination.  The log book is a valuable tool that can help track and monitor pest activity helping us to make action decisions based on tracking information, past treatments the book will contain a pest sightings page where staff can record all details of pest sightings and checked at every service by Paul. Other relevant information and documents such as service reports, MSDS labels, and copies of insurance papers will also be kept in this log book.

DISCOUNTS ON OTHER SERVICES - With the basic program I will identify any pest for you free of charge and provide treatment options with 25% off all pests not covered by the basic program (such as flies, carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, bedbugs etc).

Sanitation Services

Other sanitation services include eliminating pest breeding areas in drains and garbage receptacles. etc... Have biohazards such as feces or remains dealt with safely and professionally to protect yourself and your employees.

When dealing with Sea to Sky Pest Elimination you are dealing directly with the owner and operator, Paul DeJoseph.  Not only will you have the same technician servicing your business each time, but any questions or concerns will be dealt with immediately. Protecting your business is my business.

Don't just control the pests, eliminate them! I have experience achieving total elimination of long term cockroach and rodent populations, some believed by clients to be impossible. If you are not satisfied with your current pest control services or have any questions, please call for a free quote.

Basic Rodent and Cockroach Program

Large and Small Fly Programs

 Commercial Services 

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Flies are one of the most visible of all insect pests.  Flies are associated with poor sanitation (or worse) and can quickly and easily give your business a negative reputation.  Flies have always been a challenge in this industry, but I have had plenty of experience completely eliminating large and difficult fly infestations over the past 12 years in the lower mainland.

Because small flies and large flies are so different in nature, I’ve developed specialized programs in order to best suite your companies needs.  Some heavy infestations may require additional sanitation services as well pesticide applications to eliminate ongoing activity. These can be scheduled after hours for your convenience.

LARGE FLY PROGRAM - This program consists of the strategic placement of ultraviolet attractant fly glue traps to be inspected, cleaned and maintained at least monthly (depending on activity level), and dumpster and or garbage area treatments as required. You will only be billed for this service during months when large flies are active (complimentary winter service).

SMALL FLY PROGRAM - I will maintain an environment free of small flies through regular inspection and treatment of common breeding areas such as floor drains, dish and garbage areas and other areas more specific to your particular environment.

FLIES OF ANY SIZE - Get everything from both packages for complete small and large fly coverage! Discounts apply to customers purchasing multiple services.